To avail scholarships and find out if you’re eligible for a scholarship, please write to Sandeep Gautam at [email protected] or Nikhil Bhatnagar at [email protected]

Proposal for Scholarships – AFS Programs 2018-19
S. No. Particlulars Total No of Scholarships Total Amount of Scholarships Remarks
1 Early Bird Offer 10  20,00,000 10 Scholarships for Rs 2 Lac each for 10 Confirmed Applications (applicants depositing the first installments)
2 Young Scholar Offer 3  6,00,000 For Students you have scored more than 90% in the previous year examination. 3 Scholarships of Rs 2 Lacs each.
3 Explorer Scholarships 6  12,00,000 For East Asian* and East/Central European Countries**, 6 Scholarships of  Rs 2 Lakh each
4 Latin American Scholarships 6  12,00,000 6 Scholarships of 2 Lakh each for Central and Latin American Countries***
5 Host Schools 8  16,00,000 8 Scholarships for Rs 2 Lac each for students of Host Schools for every student hosted (Max two scholarships per host school)
6 Host Families 2  4,00,000 2 Scholarships of Rs 2 Lakh each. This is applicable to Host Families which hosted a student for the entire term of YP Program. Current and Past Host Families are eligible. In case Current Host Families are not being able to host for the entire program duration they will be liable to pay the scholarship amount back to AFS IND.
7 Scholarships for Under Served / Teacher’s Children## 6  30,00,000 The Scholarship will be 70% of the program fee or Rs 500,000 which ever is lower.
Total 41  1,00,00,000
Please Note:
No two scolarships can be combined
Scholarships are not applicable to High Demand Countries Like USA, Canada, Germany and Switzerland
AFS Intercultural Programs India can change and/or withdraw any scholarship at any time with any prior notice
*East Asia :- China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines
**East Europe :- Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia
***Latin America :- Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru

Year School Program Scholarships for the Under Served / Teacher’s Children

The Scholarship

AFS IND is pleased to announce 6 (Six) Scholarships for students from the Under Served Community / Teacher’s Children. Each scholarship is for 70% of the Program Fee or INR 500 000 whichever is lower.

This Scholarship is available for the following Countries

  • Argentina
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Hungary
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Norway
  • Philippines
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • Brazil
  •  Costa Rica Colombia
  • Dominican Republic

Selection Criteria

  1. The participants should be from lower / middle income Background
  2. To confirm the income background Home Visit by Volunteers is a MUST
  3. Participant to provide income proof for the family (IT Return/Form 16) along with the application. Details of the Parental/Ancestral Property to be also disclosed in the application
  4. Participant should have earned minimum B+ or B1 grade in last three years
  5. Participants shouldn’t have travelled abroad for personal reasons
  6. Selection of the Participant will be towards the end of the selection process at National Office
  7. Since AFS IND is offering these special scholarships, volunteers should ensure that these are given to appropriate and deserving candidates
  8. Decision of the AFS IND National Office will be final in this regard.