We all are busy running towards something or for something – whether it’s after getting good grades in school or college or getting your work done at office or taking care of home and much more. We get busy doing our work, but we forget about our community.

AFS India is happy to share that the theme of this GYSD Project is about building your community by taking steps to make difference. If we’re able to create a friendly ambiance in our neighbourhood, we can work towards creating a stronger bond. If we look after each other and care for our community, we’d create a world of understanding, care and love.

For this GYSD 2018, we’re asking each of the volunteers of AFS India to pick at least 10 activities from below and execute them. These activities are thought with the aim of building your community better so that we can look out for each other and create a better world around us.

Activities for GYSD 2018

Please choose at least 10 activities from the list below. You may choose more than 10. There is no limit.

How to do the activity?

Choose your Activities

From the above list, choose your activities. Start planning. Involve friends if you want. More activities can bring larger impact, so if you’ve time, do more and involve your siblings as well.

Need Funds?

If you think, you want funds to do the activity at larger scale, we would request you to idea with us. Depending on the activity chosen, we will allocate the budget accordingly.

Start Executing!

Start working on activities. For each activity:

  1. Take photo of activities once it’s done or when you’re doing it
  2. Share a final report of how many activities you did before 2nd May 2018
  3. Share impact stories of how you feel doing these activities

We’re happy to announce that we’d giving special prizes to volunteers at individual level for getting involved in the activities. Plan and execute highest number of activities to get special prize.

Once you share report, photos and impact stories of the activity before 2nd May 2018, we’ll be getting back to you with your prize.

Wishing you all the best! Create a powerful #AFSeffect.

For any inquiries, please write to Aadil at [email protected] or call @ +91-9971148406