By Margi Shah, YES Student

“The word ‘war’ always terrifies me. And I always wish if I could help the affected or do something for them. It happened this time too when I heard of the Civil war going on in Syria. But this was the first time, I got the opportunity to do something to show my affection and humanity towards the affected. Since last 3 weeks, I was talking to my peers in school, my teachers, family friends,relatives and neighbors about the war and making them write a Letter Of Hope for people in Syria. I was showing presentation about the same, then I made a video requesting people to write the Letter Of Hope which was published on my school’s YouTube channel. I managed to collect 251 Letters Of Hope. At the end, what I realized is ‘we make living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’. I know what I have done is not much but it can change the life of atleast one person.”