Ready to be part of AFS India Member Schools?

Are you interested in being AFS India Member Schools? Ready to make your school Global in nature? Have interculturally competent students & educators? Ready to bring world to your classroom?

AFS India School Membership Committee is a recent initiative to help create active global citizens, globalizing schools & expand access to intercultural education through membership opportunities to Schools in India. Through membership, AFS has supported and equipped educators, schools in delivering effective intercultural learning programs that build global competence.

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Benefits of being an AFS India Member Schools

The AFS India School Membership Committee’s mission  is to reach out to school students across the length and breadth of India and to impart intercultural learning skills and values of Global Citizenship.

Fee Structure

  1. INR 25,000 (including GST) per annum
  2. Timely yearly payment of the AFS Member school is mandatory
  3. AFS Member School Fee has to be paid every year (April of each year renewal must happen for continuous membership)
  4. Schools whose Gross Annual Fees is less than INR 50,000 can apply to avail a scholarship and pay Rs. 5000 (including GST) per annum.
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DUTIES OF THE AFS Member Schools