Japan’s Friendship Ties Programs

 (Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths) 

Invitation Program


“Japan’s Friendship Ties Programs” is intended to promote people-to-people exchanges between Japan and the various nations of the Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean regions.
The Asian and Oceanian regional component of this exchange program is called “JENESYS2023” which is implemented in Japan’s fiscal year (JFY*) 2023. It is a successor program of JENESYS (2007-2012) and JENESYS 2.0 (2013-2015).


  • To promote mutual trust and understanding among the peoples of Japan and India to build a basis for future friendship and cooperation. 
  • To encourage an understanding of Japan’s economics, society, history, diverse culture, politics, and diplomatic relations. 
  • To convey information about Japan to the general public of India through the participants of this project.

Inbound Programs

  • Participants: Youths including high school / university / graduate students and young professional individuals
  • Duration: Approximately 10 days

Highlights of the Program

  • To attend lectures and learning sessions about Japanese politics, economics, society, history, culture, and diplomatic relations to promote a better understanding of Japan.
  • To visit educational sites and institutions, high-tech and traditional industries, world heritage sites, provincial government office; and participate in cross-cultural events, workshops, and discussions with local people.
  • To participate in hands-on learning experience such as home-stays or home-visits, and cultural arts events.
  • To convey information about Japan’s attractions through reporting sessions or Social Networking Services during / after the program.

The Application for the session 2024 will be coming soon!

For More information about the Program please reach out to:
Mr. Nikhi Bhatnagar | [email protected]
Ms. Roli Verma | [email protected]

Jenesys 2023 | Year Book

JENESYS” is a people-to-people exchange program between Japan and the Asia-Pacific region Participants from pan India, got the opportunity to go on the Cultural Exchange Program organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan.

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