AFS India offers programs for travelers who are 18 and older to study, teach, or volunteer abroad. Turn wanderlust into an impactful experience abroad. Put global learning towards your next degree, accelerate your career development, or inspire the next generation of students. Take a full academic gap year abroad or find a shorter cultural journey for students 18 and up.


They kind of form a bridge between me and India’s culture and people, which makes it easier for me to adjust to the country.

“In my host family I am very happy! They are amazing, they are always helping me and they are so sweet; they really are my family here in Delhi. It is nice to feel like coming home at the end of the day. They kind of form a bridge between me and India’s culture and people, which makes it easier for me to adjust to the country.”

— AFS Student from Belgium to India

Why Go Abroad with AFS at 18+?

We’re all about authentic immersion. Our programs are designed and run by local staff and volunteers who know the culture because it’s theirs. Connecting with people from different backgrounds can expand and diversify your perspectives and ways of solving problems, making you more adaptable and creative.

Find An Opportunity to Enhance your Professional and Personal Growth

“The best part of my exchange program was interacting more with kids, teachers and
administrators there and teaching them, the Team building activities, nature walk, gallery walk, to name just a few. Learning is a life-long process which enhances one’s personality and all these will enhance my professional and personal growth and I am glad that I got this opportunity”

—Indian Participant on International Teacher Exchange Program

Choose Your Program



Boost your job prospects with an international workplace training in your desired profession. See what your studies look like in a business, government or NGO, while making your CV or resume more attractive to employers.


Language Learning

Practice your new language in real world settings. Plus, enjoying the customs and traditions of a new culture is easier when you are fluent in the language.


Volunteer Abroad

Tackle an issue that you are passionate about. AFSNext lets you choose your area of interest—from working with youth to environmental issues—in a part of the world that you would like to work in and learn from.



Spend some time in another country, exploring another educational system, from a few weeks to a year. Share your experience with other teachers and students abroad in a new cultural setting.


Gap Year Opportunities

Go abroad for a few weeks, a few months or longer. Develop new life skills, find your passion, learn another language and make friends in cool places. All great ways to prepare for college, and learn to be more independent.


Study Abroad

Combine academic classes in any discipline or field of study with an international experience. Enhance your academic learning by working with new professors with different perspectives.

University Membership Program

Educational Institute membership by AFS is designed as a creative endeavor to assist higher education systems in developing, supporting and sustaining their efforts to create a conducive ecosystem of holistic learning to support national economy and global development.

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  • Any educational institutions
  • Central/Deemed/State University, College or Institution
  • The institutions should be regulated by UGC, AICTE, MCI, PCI, DEC, BCI, NCTE, ICAR, ICSSR, ICMR, CSIR, or state regulatory agencies.
  • The institution must be accredited by/compliant with the national Board of accreditation or National assessment and accreditation council


  • Fill the registration form
  • Appoint a staff member to be an official AFS Contact Person/coordinator/Focal point
  • Use AFS India Logo on website and other promotional material except for fundraising
  • Hyperlink AFS India logo on website (signed agreement) and get recognized on AFS India’s website as Partner
  • Subscribe to AFS Weekly Update and AFS Newsletters for ongoing and upcoming program updates across the AFS Global Network
  • Become an active member and reap the benefits of being AFS India Member organisation in this category


Registration Cost 25,000** INR annually

For the founding members registering in 2021-22 the annual Fee will be 10,000** INR for the year 2021.

**Exclusive of 18% GST

  • Registration Fees — INR 25,000
  • Registration Period — Yearly
  • Membership Duration — July 21-June 22 (11 months)
  • Next renewal — June 2022
  • Time to apply for membership — OPEN, any time of the Year

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Sending Programs

If you’re an Indian participant above the age of 18 and would like to participate on AFS programs, please check out the available programs below:

  1. Bachelors Program (Management)
  2. Masters Program (Management)
  3. Community College Program
  4. Bachelors in Management Program
  5. Semester/Year Program in several countries.
Program Duration

6 months for Semester Program to 4 years for a Bachelor Program

Hosting Programs

Indian college, institutions or other like-minded organizations looking to host 18 plus participants?

Semester/Year Program with Indian Universities


Banking, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, English, Economics, Psychology and Liberal Arts Subjects but not limited to this.


Students can be placed in any year depending upon their Educational Qualification.


Universities would give credits addressed to the International Deans of their Parent University/ Institution for students taking exams.

Get in touch with us!

If you are a like-minded organization, wants to host participants from other countries in your organization for internships, volunteering and alike, write to

[email protected] or call at +91-858-698-5634