AFS Intercultural Programs is more than 100 year old International, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides international and intercultural learning and education through diverse exchange programs among the youth of 54 different countries from all over the world, to help them the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to become a global citizens and create a more just and peaceful world.

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Sentio Inc. is a not-for-profit global education network that was created in 2014 as a subsidiary of AFS Intercultural Programs Inc. to develop a global network of member organizations to further promote the AFS mission and provide intercultural learning opportunities for adults above 18 years.


AFS Intercultural Programs India is offering an array of Sentio Programs. These programs provide individuals, young adults and professionals above the age of 18 years with the opportunity to expand their skills, knowledge and experience on the intellectual, professional, personal, social, cultural and global front, leaving them with the opportunity to choose from Academic, Internships, Volunteering, and Teaching programs.

For more information about Sentio Programs, please write to Nishita Mehta at [email protected] or Falguni Surana [email protected]

Work with International Students. Be more interculturally competent!

“I learnt life-long lessons like working in a team of volunteers from different countries, learning the German language to communicate with my colleagues and students, contributing to the German society by sharing my knowledge and talent. We all know that ‘sharing is caring’, but my intercultural experience in Germany taught me that ‘sharing one’s wealth of knowledge leaves your footprint behind and results in an ever-lasting impact across diverse communities’.”

—Indian Student Abroad on Sentio Program

SENTIO International Partners

While Sentio Inc. works closely with AFS as Partner, it also works with other reliable, trustworthy & efficient Partners across the world.

Partner’s name & Headquarters (Country)

Cross Cultural Solutions | United States of America
EI Centre d`Echanges Internationaux | France
Celtic English Academy | United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Canadian Language Learning College | Toronto, Canada
Global Vision International | United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Global Experiences | United States of America
Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali | Italy
IES Abroad | United States of America
The Intern Group | United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Learn, Explore & Discover with Sentio Programs

“I initiated myriads of different projects like dance club, heena painting, seminars on global ethics and sport competitions at my workplace. I recall moving to different corners of Germany for AFS seminars where I had the opportunity to meet volunteers from all over the world. Believe me, this intercultural experience allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and embrace multiculturalism and multilingualism.”

—Indian Student Abroad on Sentio Program

What’s your passion?



Boost your job prospects with an international workplace training in your desired profession. See what your studies look like in a business, government or NGO, while making your CV or resume more attractive to employers.


Language Learning

Practice your new language in real world settings. Plus, enjoying the customs and traditions of a new culture is easier when you are fluent in the language.


Volunteer Abroad

Tackle an issue that you are passionate about. AFSNext lets you choose your area of interest—from working with youth to environmental issues—in a part of the world that you would like to work in and learn from.



Spend some time in another country, exploring another educational system, from a few weeks to a year. Share your experience with other teachers and students abroad in a new cultural setting.


Gap Year Opportunities

Go abroad for a few weeks, a few months or longer. Develop new life skills, find your passion, learn another language and make friends in cool places. All great ways to prepare for college, and learn to be more independent.


Study Abroad

Combine academic classes in any discipline or field of study with an international experience. Enhance your academic learning by working with new professors with different perspectives.

Expansion of Personal, Social, Academic and Professional Skills, Knowledge and Experience.

Trusted organization. Proven track record.  Lifelong connections.

Born from AFS values, Sentio programs are organized by a network of well-respected AFS and other organizations. We help adults find the right international program to achieve your personal and professional goals. Benefit from an international community of friends, qualified staff and passionate volunteers ready to help you achieve your dreams.

A global perspective; a valued competitive edge

Stand out from your peers by adding “global” to your personal and professional identity. Stimulating Sentio experiences provide young adults with a clear advantage in many ways and every profession—at home and around the world. That’s because living, studying, working and volunteering abroad helps you become more confident in unfamiliar settings, while sharpening practical cross-cultural skills valued in many universities, NGOs and workplaces.

Sentio participants are supported by a Global Competence Certificate program that will help you better navigate your international experience and prepare you for a lifetime of cross-cultural encounters.

The Global Competence Certificate


It is an educational program offered as online learning and live training for our 18+ participants to help achieve the goals of self-awareness, awareness about others, emotional intelligence, and bridges across differences. This curriculum serves as the basis for further individual and group reflection and experimentation during live training components, with extended support for implementation before-during-after the program. It is a valuable contribution to our mission of developing intercultural competence and building on cultural adjustment skills to create a more just and peaceful world.

The GCC can be undertaken by anyone for example University Students, Professionals as well as teachers. GCC helps to understand people from other culture and different background better, thus building confidence and motivating a person when working in a multicultural environment.

GCC certified personals tend to handle multicultural/ international business more effectively compared to other people.

GCC & Educational Goals

The GCC content was designed to meet key educational goals to help learners develop intercultural competence and deal with cultural adjustment. These goals are organized into four core areas:


• Increase cultural self-awareness through reflecting on their own personal and cultural experience as citizens in local to global contexts.
• Identify and understand how cultural groups have shaped their characteristic ways of feeling, perceiving, thinking, and behaving.
• Analyze and reflect on power relations, privilege, and inequality.

Awareness About Others

• Recognize and understand patterns of behavior and values of people from different cultural contexts.
• Empathize with culturally different others.

Emotional Intelligence

• Suspend judgment and be flexible in new and different cultural contexts.
• Apply effective and appropriate strategies to deal with ambiguous situations.
• Describe and manage responses to their own cultural biases and emotional triggers.
• Be aware of personal limits and be open to seek support.

Bridges to Others

• Initiate and develop relationships with culturally different others.
• Communicate and interact effectively and appropriately in different cultural contexts.

Sending Programs

If you’re an Indian participant above the age of 18 and would like to participate on Sentio programs, please check out the available programs below:

  1. Bachelors Program (Management) in Germany
  2. Masters Program (Management) in Germany
  3. Community College Program in USA
  4. Bachelors in Management Program in Belgium
  5. Semester/Year Program in several countries.
Program Duration

6 months for Semester Program to 4 years for a Bachelor Program

Hosting Programs

Indian college, institutions or other like-minded organizations looking to host 18 plus participants?

Semester/Year Program with Indian Universities


Banking, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, English, Economics, Psychology and Liberal Arts Subjects but not limited to this.


Students can be placed in any year depending upon their Educational Qualification.


Universities would give credits addressed to the International Deans of their Parent University/ Institution for students taking exams.