Education is journey and at RKK this journey is full of opportunities and fulfilment. To ensure that scholars grow into responsible and caring adults, various activities are held round the year on the pillars of Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. The aim is to develop optimism, confidence, enthusiasm and global concern in students.

In the month of July, under Leadership pillar, students of grade XI self-composed poems on Leadership. Arianna wholeheartedly participated in the event by forwarding her views on leadership.

Under Environment pillar, an Inter Class Quiz was organized on environmental issues. Arianna participated in this quiz and hit remarkable score. Famous speeches of world leaders under pillar of Internationalism in the school assembly were delivered by the students. It inculcated true quality of Leadership in Arianna.

From left: Cultural Immersion, Out with friends, With family


Farewell organized for grade XII was celebrated with melody and panache. Arianna spell bound the audience by her charismatic cultural dance performance on Indian folk music.

She also rendered her selfless service at NGO, Hamara Sahas under Service pillar and learnt about the various perspective of Women Empowerment program.

Optimum Adventure was experienced by Arianna when she went on a picnic with her entire host family and enjoyed the day. Bonding with host family, relatives and friends is highly praiseworthy.

We at RKK work to instil in students all essential attitudes and skills for an internationally mobile and globally connected generation.