This year for Global Youth Service Day, the new theme was Ecology: Caring For the Planet, where volunteers were asked to strategize plans to work towards saving the planet. 

Volunteers of Bangalore got together and made seedballs at the activity center of Sankey Tank, Bangalore. Altogether, all of the AFSers made about 1000 seedballs.

This is a project to increase the green space on earth. Seeds of various fruits are collected and dried. A mix of red soil, sand, cow dung and other natural manure are added and mixed with water or diluted cow urine. Small balls of this are made and one seed is embedded in each. These are then dried in shade and hardened. Any arid dry patch of land is identified and just before onset of monsoon, these are thrown and scattered on these areas. Once the rains come, these seeds germinate and then mother nature takes over. Acres of barren lands have been covered with trees and have become mini forests