AFS India conducted the AFS Re-Entry Orientation in New Delhi from 21st July to 23rd July’2017 for the AFS Students of 2016-17 batch. The orientation was facilitated by AFS-IND staffers. The Orientation Sessions were mainly focused on:

  • Reflecting on their Experiences and Impact of the Program,
  • Dealing with Reverse Cultural Shock,
  • Weaving AFS experience in Participants’ Life,
  • Intercultural Learning Concepts (Cultural Dimensions),
  • Common Challenges & Solutions with the tips for re-adjustment in the Family,
  • School and Society

One of the highlights of the orientation was when participants got to read Dear Me letters which they wrote a year back. They were surprised and delighted to see the positive changes that they have had in them ranging from Language Skills to Development in Personality. The participants found it very easy to relate with the Sessions especially AFS Education Goals, as now they can understand the Concept in a much better way after the Program.

With the intercultural learning components added in the orientation, they were able to explore their AFS learnings in a significant way.

Throughout the orientation, they were given ideas of how to use their learnings and skills gained from AFS experience in their future. AFS India staffers introduced the available resources and means to provide help in adjusting back and welcoming the future with open mind.  Participants actively participated throughout the sessions and shared their experiences & challenges.

(Photo Above:  AFS Returnee with India Staffers)

We wish all the participants best for their future and look forward to having them in AFS India family.