“On 30th July, Sunday at 8.30 am in morning we started our journey to Bhandardara Dam with full of excitement. We booked 55 seater bus. We all the volunteers of Nashik chapter and our families, all the returnees and their families, host students Lisa and Chiara and host families, Omkar Musale the student selected for YES scholarship for this year and his family. Totally we were 17 Volunteers, 2 host students, 5 kids, 1 YES participant and 25 others are enjoyed the starting journey.


(Photo Above:  Group Photo & Presenting Gifts)

Near about 11 am we reached at a beautiful point called Randha fall. All instructions were given and asked to take care of our own family as well as others.  We all got out of the bus and enjoyed that attractive and amazing waterfall which made all of us more fresh and happy. After some group photo session we moved further. At 12.30 pm in afternoon we enjoyed delicious lunch together. Near about 2 pm we gathered for welcome program. First Mr. Shivaji Shinde took an introduction round of us. It was so interesting fun game that even kids took part and gave amazing introduction of themselves.

After lunch we had our chapter meeting. Mr. Shinde told about the AFS and its intercultural exchange program. He also told about hosting students, shared his experience being a host family to create awareness among other families. Then we all welcomed our host students, Lisa and Chiara, by giving them some gifts one by one. We also wished Omar Musale a happy journey and best luck for coming year. All volunteers gave him a contribution gift. Then we enjoyed some funny games.

At last we all moved to next destination and it was the ultimate moment of fun of getting wet, enjoying the rain and umbrella waterfall and garden. We all enjoyed there a lot.

Near about 6.15 pm in evening we started our journey back home. It was also full of memories. We all would like to thank AFS and we feel proud to be associated with the organization”