By Filippo Pretotto, Italian student on school program hosted at Jamshedpur

“I’m going to talk about my experience until now in Jamshedpur with pleasure. Jamshedpur city is very nice, not crowded. It is an industrial city, so it doesn’t have lots of history. However, I still have many things to discover.

(Photo Above: Filippo Selling Rakhi with his classmates at his Host School)

Volunteers and people in Jamshedpur are very kind and helpful. They welcomed us very warmly. I am here since only two months and I can say that I’m feeling completely integrated and peaceful.

I’m so happy to stay in Jamshedpur with a beautiful family and a very good friend, so is my learnings at school.

Only two months has passed, but I’ve learnt a lot of things and I can’t wait to learn many more.”