By Shalin Dave, AFS Rajkot Chapter

(Photo Above: Margi & Shalin)

“What is AFS effect? We hear this word every day in AFS, but the true sense of the meaning is experienced when you are part of AFS Family. Recently, I got random friend request on Facebook from a young AFS student. As I was well aware that I couldn’t remember all the names of our wonderful AFS India family, I added her and sent her a message. Later, I realized, she knew me because of the volunteer work I did in my chapter. As she was one of the participant to go on program, I had the opportunity to meet her natural parents along with her before she left India. We developed a cheerful and loving relation through our conversations. The bond which we created throughout time made me realize that now I’ve a daughter with whom I can cherish the relations of father. Because of AFS, I have a daughter now, and her name is Margi Shah. She did excellent during AFS exchange program and I’m proud to know her. I never realized that because of AFS, I will have a bigger family with whom I can share love and affection. Thank you AFS!”