By Martina Troia, Italian participant on school program, hosted at Mumbai

(Photo Above: Diwali Celebrations with family)

“Diwali festival of lights was really amazing, I enjoyed with my family and my society.

I and my host brother did Rangoli and I celebrated with my family doing Pooja. In this occasion I could wear many traditional Indian dresses.

Another fantastic point about Diwali was the lights in all the city and the incredible quantity of firework and firecrackers that we made. In fact, we made big fireworks and firecrackers for days, I’ve never done so many fireworks in my entire life, that was absolutely a great moment.

Day after Diwali we went to meet relatives and we had nice day with all her family, also my other host brother came from Delhi to celebrate with us. Then another day family friends and other relatives came to our place for visiting us.

Diwali was absolutely one of the best festival I ever did. One of the best part was the atmosphere all around me, everyone was excited and happy for this festival, people was reunited for preparing and celebrating Diwali, people was staying together and enjoying.

I also tried to understand the religious explanation behind this festival and was nice to improve my knowledge in Hinduism’s festivals. Diwali was one of the greatest experience of my life and I’m happy to have the opportunity to enjoying it.”