By Maddalena Bienati, Italian participant on Boarding School hosted at Patiala


(Photo Above: With family)

“Since my arrival in Patiala, my classmates and younger (host) sister have talked so much about Diwali that I got excitement until the 19th October, the date of the festival this year.

I think Diwali is a unique festival where Indians principally share their happiness and show their respect to God and the people they love.

My Diwali started few days before the festival, when I met and gave gifts to family and friends. During the big day I made rangoli all the morning with my host sisters and few guests that visited my parents. In the afternoon I went to two gurdwara to  pray with few members of my family and in the evening, I burnt crackers.

There are a lot of traditions around this day, but it was when I put candles and Diyas all around the house with my sisters that I enjoyed most. It was a magical moment where all three of us worked together to light candles, the symbol of hope!

Diwali helped me to discover how we celebrate and enjoy in a different way respect how I used to do in Italy.  During big functions like Christmas or Easter I usually meet all my parents, eat a lot of food and share gifts. The way is different, but the most important thing remains celebrating!”