By Manisha Bhole, AFS Volunteer from Nashik

The most fascinating thing was travelling by Air. The take off and the landing both were wow moments for me. To be in the midst of clouds created a beautiful rainbow of feelings in my heart.

We all were welcomed in Delhi in a beautiful hotel. The entire atmosphere was full of joy and beauty. Very soon I came to know the actual beauty was neither in the atmosphere nor in the hotel but in the heart of people I was going to meet.

(Photo Above: At Annual Volunteer Meet 2017)

The first energetic voice which has the power of tremendous positivity came out of the mic and all the fear in my heart just vanished away. She was Divya as her name indicates herself.  Both the ice breaker activities were very helpful for interacting with everyone. It helped me to know many things about them in a very short time. This reminds me of Shobha from Bangalore chapter. Actually according to the activity she was not my date still she insisted me to sing a song for her and I sang a Hindi song named ” tere chehre main woh jaadu hai…” just in few seconds we were laughing and feeling so much respect for each other. I remember how from that moment whenever Shobha came across me in those days of AVM I always used to sing a song for her and she laughed sweetly. It’s amazing how just an activity could spread so much happiness among strangers.

For this activity, when Divya ma’am announced my name for a cute prize and Angela ma’am touched my cheeks softly I felt like I was in my own home with my own family. Both of these ladies easily made me and others a part of the AFS family.

Next day, waking up to a beautiful morning and delicious breakfast I got ready for the next session on Global Citizenship by Francisco and Jyotsna Bhatnagar. It was like I am on my way to enlightenment which would make me think beyond happiness.  I came across the aim of AFS which is “To create awareness and being a part of the world as global citizen. It’s very important to come out from our comfort zone and put ourselves in others culture to get more understanding. In reflection session, we got the platform to put our views and listen to others

Leadership session by Aadil Sir and Divya Ma’am was a wonderful experience again. It was deeply a self learning process. Every activity ( balloon activity, 1 to 60 chart activity or drawing an object regarding what is a leader?)  helped us understand what it means to be a leader and being part of a team. 1 to 60 chart activity was more memorable for me.

Quiz contest and talent show were full of fun for us. Quiz was very well planned and executed by AFS India staff.. It really reflected the hard work of National office. From our welcome to departure, in every moment I found a hard working and supportive staff of National office. They are just amazing!  For the arrangements of  AVM and the huge success of the Meet, I would say, Hats off to them. Whenever the staff got time they got involved with every chapter with their sweet smile and genuine respectful words.

Finally I want to share one thing I found which is beyond happiness and that is deep satisfaction. Satisfaction for being a part of team which gives me positive, healthy heart which has love for everyone as a human being, healthy thoughts which makes me live a better  and creative life. This gives me a lot of peace and energy!

Thank you AFS!”