By Mitva Jaiswal, Hosted in Germany

“My name is Mitva Jaiswal & 16 years old. I choose Germany as a exchange year because I want to know about German traditions, food, geography, people, festivals, history and about education. I live in southern part of Germany (Ulm). I don’t have so many experiences because it’s only 1 month in Germany; but I have some little experience with my family and friends.

It has been a great experience till now I learnt a lot of new things and new adventurous trips with my host family in Germany. I climbed the tallest church building in the world at 530 feet with my host family. Also I learnt how to make Ayurveda food and how it’s important in our day to day life with some chefs. I learnt piano with my host dad. Also we climbed the Alps Mountain and learnt geography of the Alps. Also I get to know Latvian folk dance with the Latvian people who live in Germany and one of them is my host mom. And about the German school it’s so interesting and so practical in the studies also I made some new friends. My German course is going well I improved my German. Recently I visited the Parliament of the European Union in Berlin and learnt about how does the European Union work and the history about Germany.”