By Banu Newell from USA, Hosted in Bangalore

“After 3 months of school and community building, Bangalore has harnessed my growth and my teaching as I continue to impact the spaces I occupy. I have already co-created a school poetry club where me and other senior Poets teach younger poets the importance of poetry, and aspects of performance poetry. I have also left my mark on Vidyashilp’s (my school) athletic image after making the soccer team, and competing in further competitions. Impact isn’t just teaching and giving knowledge, but receiving knowledge as well, and I am grateful to be in a host family and host community willing to nurture my growth as a Global citizen.

Culturally I have experienced many traditions and foods native to south India, and specifically Karnataka. So I have used photography and mixed media to capture the essence of my experience, and further bridge the gap between technology and art. I am excited to continue my impact story in the months to come.”