Pooja from Bulandshahr and hosted in California was nominated as YES Student of the Month by ASSE, one of the placement organization. Pooja’s both ASSE local and area coordinators reported that since her arrival she has shown independence in school and is getting A grades in all subjects. She’s described as someone that has been making the most of her time on program from the very first day. She has 28 hours of documented community service and has dedicated her time to volunteer at Red Cross events, Key club events at her school, PTA meetings and other local events like a fundraiser for Kiwanis.  She was interviewed for the school newspaper and also was interviewed for Tornado TV (School Media). She’s part of Key Club, Red Cross club and Drama club at school. Recently she participated in a 24-hour drama festival which was her first official drama performance. In October, Pooja shadowed a leader from her host community; Cassandra, Senior Administrative Officer of Community Development department of Glendale, CA. The student said that this person even taught her about leadership skills boosting the confidence level of hers. The student has also well adapted to her host family and appreciates their efforts and the love they show for her. She is very thankful to the YES program, for this opportunity and all the people in her community who teach her new things. She shows exemplary dedication towards all her activities here in the US.