With the joint efforts of two community named KVO Deravasi and KVO Sthanakwasi Jain Mahajan, Royal Diamond Kutchi Marathon 2018 was organized on 4th February 2018 at Dombivli, Mumbai having the participation of more than 6000 participants for 5km, 10km, & 21km. Pooja Gala (YES’09) and Manshi Gala (YES’12) participated in 5 km run and the earlier one finished in 41 minutes. There were 3 categories according to age and each category had several sab-categories depending on the prizes. Volunteers were very supportive and motivating the participant to finish the run. Everyone enjoyed a lot.

Pooja Gala also participated in Outdoor and Indoor Sports organized by Shree Dombivli KVO Seva Samaj on 11th February 2018 in Mumbai. The alumna participated in 100m run, leg tying run, javelin throw and carrom. She got first prize in leg tying and second in 100 m run.