By Shalin Dave, AFS India Anand Volunteer

Fun times celebrating Holi

“Since the time Graziana arrived in India, she was eager and excited to celebrate Holi. As the day of celebration came closer, she planned so many things to celebrate in Delhi with other exchange students from Ahmedabad but unfortunately it didn’t work out. She was a little upset, but as her host family we took it as our duty to make her Holi celebration fun and exciting. We planned everything accordingly. We brought all the materials needed for celebration. Graziana and Ved (host brother) filled all balloons with colored water on the previous day. On Holi, we all started to play Holi by applying colour on each other. Graziana and Ved went out in the street to play with friends in the neighborhood. They played with water gun, color powder of different shades and by throwing balloons at each other. Graziana danced with Rajasthani group on Dhol and sung holi songs. She went to all neighbouring areas with group of people and enjoyed her time. After long day, we enjoyed lunch. The moment she was about to sleep, her classmates phoned her, and she went out to play Holi again with her friends. I was so happy to hear her say that it was one of her best days in India”