By RKKGPS, Jodhpur

“AFS Intercultural Programs India empowers students of all ages & all backgrounds with the intercultural knowledge, skills & understanding and RKK provides a globally minded curriculum to its students to succeed in the 21st Century with multiple opportunities to participate in experiential learning.  

It has been a rewarding experience for RKK family to host foreign students for an entire session from last 3 sessions, a great way to experience cultural exchange. It has been a way of developing lifelong connections. Elena De Novellis from Italy and Achiraya Chongcharoenpornchai from Thailand  traveled halfway around the globe to join us. These overseas students came to India crossing the geographical and language barriers. They were welcomed into the safe & secured environment of RKK in July 2017 and were granted admission in Grade XI. 

Their stay in Jodhpur has been a combination of memorable days. As they say bonding does not happen overnight it forms with every second and every minute. Every effort was made by RKK to match the family & host students. Thank you from the deepest core to Mrs & Mr Sumeet Goyal – Achiraya’s Host Family, Mrs & Mr Saajan Garg – Elena’s Host Family who provided the host students, a family full of love, warmth and hospitality. They shared their routine, daily lives and offered the host students a real life experience.

Rightly said, ‘Time is like a river you cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again. So enjoy every moment of life’. 

These host students have become a valuable part of RKKian family. They have collected many cherishables memories, experiences & have established new bonds of friendship. They have explored the vast diversity of Indian Culture & have participated in 2017-18’s academic & extra-curricular programmes. School projects made them strong and confident. They have developed massive critical and creative thinking, positive and original thinking, out of the box. 

Exchange is not a year in one’s life but a life in a year” & for Elena & Achiraya returning to their respective home countries – Italy & Thailand is a beginning of a new chapter of their life. On 23rd April 2018, a thumping farewell was bid to Achiraya and Elena De Novellis who were here in RKK for a yearlong intercultural exchange program associated with AFS, India. Their farewell consisted of song, speeches, movie, dance performances, dance by Elena, singing by Achiraya and felicitation of the host families, Gulab Kanwar Ma’am, Reena Mishra Ma’am & Neetu Kheechee Ma’am.

This was not a good bye; it was a thank you, for the love, laughs, for the tears, the smiles, the hugs and the memories. It was a big thank you for holding the strings of love together.  The strong bond which was shared will always be missed. RKK family wishes both the students all the very best & good luck. May they both have a bright future ahead. Amiable Achiraya & Enthusiastic Elena have made this journey a successful & memorable one.”