Between Global City International School, Bangalore and Gymnasia 46, Russia from 21st April to 6th May 2018 

Group of GCIS in Russia | Local Sightseeing

8 Students and 2 Educators went on the program

“The host families made all efforts to make us comfortable and adjust to the weather by providing us some of the essential clothing and food to withstand those conditions.Living with the host families made it all the more relevant as the learners were able to not just learn from them, but also experience the daily life style of Russians. The host families were very loving and caring. Some unique memories from Kirov are walking on the banks of Vyatka river, Ice skating, Dymkova toy museum, Ice cream museum, Space center, Puppet show, Matrushka doll museum, Dance theatre and the list seems like never ending.”

– Venkata Suresh Lolla, Principal, Global City International School, Bangalore

Between Chettinad Public School and The State School, Bely Yar, Russia from 6th to 17th May 2018 

Students of Chettinad Public School enjoying Russian cuisine in Russia

4 Students and 1 Educator went on the program

In Russian family’s women do not see their responsibilities as a burden after marriage but just as the labour of love. That is something interesting. My host-mother says it is her duty as a daughter-in-law of the family and she wants the major decisions to be taken by her in-laws. She says marriage and family mean a lot of responsibilities but that is the real happiness in her life”

– Bargavi, Student of Chettinad Public School

“We cannot just stay silent without thanking the efforts of AFS in arranging the amazing opportunity for us to be in Russia for 10 days to explore the history, culture, climate, family system and the education system of Russia. It was a great learning experience.”

  Chettinad Public School

“I had been touched by the way the Russians commemorate the Victory Day – the Nazi Germany’s surrender and the end of Second World War. My school mates in Russia said they feel a piercing blood relationship with a generation of heroes and winners during every Victory Day.”

– Rajshree, Student of Chettinad Public School

DLF Public School with Schools around Cheboksary and Klin from 4th to 18th May 2018

Students of DLF Public School during Cultural Outing

10 Students and 2 Educators went on the program

“Witnessing the Victory Day Parade, the biggest parade in Moscow’s Red Square showcasing Russia’s military forces, having Indian food at the Darbar restaurant, playing a Russian game with a random group of Russian children and spending time in bunkers which are 60m underground were some of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences.”

– DLF Public School, Sahibabad

“The host families went out of their way to make sure that the participants felt at home. Living together on this exchange trip helped bring home one enriching realization: that though separated geographically, we are so similar as human beings and even culturally connected in surprising ways!”

– DLF Public School, Sahibabad

The Shishukunj International School, Indore and Solnechny Secondary Compulsory School, Russia from 1st to 14th May 2018 

Cultural Outing of the students of Shishukunj International School, Indore in Russia

10 Students and 2 Educators went on the program

“The classes/activities at the school, like the Russian classes, art and craft, dance and music, basketball and football matches, etc had been thoughtfully and meticulously planned, keeping us interested and engaged throughout our presence at the school.”

“The exchange was a learning experience, full of pleasant surprises and kindness shown through words and deeds by the host families and the teachers of the Solnechny School.”

– Students of The Shishukunj International School