By Mansi Shinde, AFS India Volunteer

At waterpark

“The host families had together decided to go to the Shangrilla Waterpark, near Bhiwandi, Kalyan on 6th June 2018.  All together we were 12 people left together with happy, smiling faces waiting eagerly to reach the destination. It was adorable. There were children playing in the pool, there were women smiling everywhere and men swimming and teens as usual. There was music playing all around and everyone dancing and moving on the beats. Our AFS team was enjoying doing those really fun rides and slides. We also went to Bhandardara for the “Fireflies Fest” (Kajava Mohattsav). The experience at Fireflies Fest was exceptional. They were just amazing. Those little lives on the trees felt like the trees were decorated with lights on Diwali. It felt as if there were thousands of them dancing on the branches to reveal their beauty. Just amazing. It was really a memorable trip for all of us, even now everyone talks about it. Thank you AFS!”