By Mrs Neetu Dhill, Aunt of Nancy Beniwal, Indian Student Abroad 2017-18

“This was Nancy’s first visit abroad. She got this opportunity through AFS Intercultural Programs India, for the study abroad cultural exchange program. In Italy she studied at Roseto, her accommodation was arranged in Alba Adriatica also known as one of the seven sisters of the northern region (Abruzzo coast). Nancy is very lucky to have travelled all the way and gained such a rich experience. 

During her stay in Italy

AFS Italy warmly welcomed all the students. To her amazement, it was a mesmerizing get together to meet students from all over the world. Each one shared, danced and represented their country during the camps. The knowledge &  tasks provided in these camps were quite interesting and unforgettable, followed by much awaited moment of meeting her host family, where she would stay for a year. They welcomed Nancy with a big hug and called her their third daughter. The love and bonding which she received from them was exclusively beautiful. Each day, each moment was full of happiness and blessings. They taught her to be wiser, adjustable, independent, stronger, & responsible. We thank God for gifting her with such a wonderful host family: Papa – Marco, Mumma – Antonella, Sisters- Lara and Arianna who took great care of her. 

Besides them, Nancy came across her schoolmates who behaved as strangers at first but gradually their frowns turned into smiles and best wishes. No wonder, Nancy’s cheerfulness made her everyone’s favorite. Nearly fifteen subjects she had to study that too in Italian. Almost all the teachers and students only conversed in Italian. Hardly anybody understood English. Nancy showed her smartness in going through the Rosetta Stone Program again thoroughly learning basics of Italian and started attending evening Italian classes making her fluent day by day. Within a month she was fully confident, it seemed as if she lived in Italy for years. 

She started discovering more about the culture there. The people were very polite and kind. The Italian buses were designed in a special manner in which even the old people, special people and kids prams could slide in easily. It feels like even we have lived in Italy through Nancy.  

She was thrilled to enjoy the beaches and the sea food for the first time in her life. There was a faith and positivity created in her basically by her School Principal, Neera Ma’am and her respected team of RKK teachers. We honor them and send our best wishes to them. 

Last but not the least, before starting her unknown and unexpected journey to Italy, Nancy underwent orientation program conducted by AFS India, by Sir Nikhil Bhatnagar along with his team, who inculcated in her confidence, boldness and guided her for her best of future. We, family members of Nancy Beniwal, are grateful and would like to thank all of you for making this happen. It will always be cherished. Thanking you all.”