By Shilpa Tanna, Volunteer from Gandhinagar Chapter

“On Saturday 4th August 2018 a volunteer from Switzerland Mirtha, and 3 exchange students (2 from Italy and 1 from Thailand) along with Kadi volunteers visited Kadi Sarva Vidyalaya campus. They were welcomed by putting tilak and bouquet of paper flowers made by the students. AFS Gandhinagar chapter President Dr. Varsha Parekh welcomed and introduced them. The Principal, Mr. Arpit Christian also welcomed them and gave a glimpse of activities and programs done by the school. The faculties introduced and welcomed them.  

It was followed by an interaction between exchange students, faculties and school students. Some interesting questions were put up by students like the education system in their country, exam pattern, a celebration of festivals, religion,  etc. All the questions were answered very nicely by the students. One of the most interesting questions was, “What has the government of their country planned for the youth?” Similarly, the reply was also nice. He said that the government wants the youth to be active, engaged in some good work and be part of the development of the country. One of the experiences they shared was about the schools in India was, they found Indian schools are quite strict and they like the way Indian students respect the teachers. They even liked the school uniform system in  India. 

After the interaction, the students and volunteers went to the campus visit. They met the rector of the hostel Mrs. Kaushalyaben Parikh. They asked a few questions and talked about the rules of the hostel. They had delicious Gujarati lunch at the hostel and left for Kadi.”