“I can dance all night. Garba is fun”, says an AFS exchange student from Thailand who is in India from the last few months on an AFS exchange program. “I was doing Garba even in my dreams last night,” says another after experiencing Garba in Gujarat.

Garba for Global Peace , a mega national event of Gujarati culture and tradition towards a noble cause of promoting world peace, brought 45+ young AFS exchange students from around 15+ countries in the world including USA, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, etc. and 200+ AFS well-wishers came together to celebrate and experience traditional Gujarati Garba including the ‘Dhol Style’. The event was presented by AFS Intercultural Programs India and hosted by Ahmedabad Chapter on 14th October 2018.

AFS India is amongst the leading organizations in Intercultural Education and experience that focus on growing its programs for the underserved, and towards this, a generous fundraising campaign has been designed, and the proceeds would be used to create life-changing opportunities and scholarships for underserved students to avail prestigious AFS exchange Programs.

Special thanks and gratitude for the tremendous efforts of the volunteers of Ahmedabad chapter for hosting the National Event, thereby fostering Intercultural relationships and advancing the mission of the organization. The volunteers of AFS Ahmedabad opened their hearts and home to welcome these exchange students for the auspicious occasion of Navratri and work tirelessly towards bringing authentic Gujarati culture to them.

This program not only empowered people of all ages and backgrounds to build intercultural friendship and create lifelong cultural memories for all involved, but also a platform was created for the underserved by adding to the pool of scholarships for the bright young future exchange ambassadors.

We are thankful to all the amazing donors and sponsors who became part of the AFS global community of supporters whose donations will help transform the lives of millions of AFS participants, families and individuals that share the commitment to help build international understanding by helping people from different parts of the world live and intercultural learning experience.

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