By Abdul Salam M, Alumni and Volunteer, Chennai Chapter

“The more you do service to the community, the more your value is in this world. These 4 days of community service in Gandhinagar Gujarat were the best part in my journey of 3 years volunteerism at AFS Intercultural Programs, India.

Spending the time, teaching the kids with what we have learned, teaching the importance of the Golden words in English and other important values of life and further transforming of ordinary classroom learning to effective practical learning was the success and the change we all brought.

Volunteers from all over the country participated, different cultures, different ideas together made ourselves proud to be called as THE CHANGEMAKERS. United we stand, together we make a difference.

Thank you to AFS Intercultural Programs, India for providing us a great opportunity to be a part of this community service trip and for making us involved even after we came back from the exchange and helping us to use the learning from our experience to use in the effective way.”