AFS India is happy to announce the successful completion of Global Youth Service Day 2019 in 12 chapters PAN India with more than 250 Volunteers and 600 Students who participated in the activity. The theme for this year was honor the heroes where the volunteers were supposed to create a day of unity, empathy, and service as to pay a positive tribute to those who got injured or lost their in service during any Indian war. We are very glad to have the presence of all the “Heroes” who gave us a golden opportunity of honoring them. The participants didn’t only show an amusing spirit of patriotism towards the nation during this activity but also attempted to remember and salute the unforgettable toil and dedication of the brave-hearted sons of Mother India.

The volunteers did different activities to pay respect to the conquering heroes of India. The spirit of patriotism didn’t just touch the volunteers but the host students and school students as well. It was very warming to see them doing various activities in various places.

We are thankful to all the volunteers who contributed their time and efforts to make the event successful.


To add to the feeling of Love and Loyalty towards the nation among the students, various endeavors were taken by RKK School to pay homage to Real Heroes and honoring the veteran leaders for safeguarding the nation. The school porch was decorated in colors of nationalism and patriotism with its main theme “Welcome Back Abhinandan”. They had Mr. Philip Thomas as their chief guest who is an Indian Airforce Officer and has various accolades in his name. A thank you bouquet was presented as a token of immense gratitude and love to him. This activity added the spirit of patriotism, nationalism, and sacrifice towards the mother nation among the students.


On 27th April 2019, 66 volunteers participated in the GYSD activity and honored 11 army families. Not only did the volunteers felicitated the families but also gave the army men an occasion to convey their emotions. The heros interacted with the volunteers and told them about the best experience they had during their term of service. Along with expressing their pride and feelings towards the nation, the army men also gave a joyful heartfelt thanks to AFS India for doing such an amazing activity.


13 volunteers from Delhi chapter gathered at BSF Camp in Chawala (New Delhi) and honored the officers by giving cards, flowers, cakes and AFS goodies to them. The volunteers and host students had good conversations and interactions with the officers over lunch. Also, the volunteers got to listen to the experience of Dr. Paramjeet (Admiral, BSF Camp) who told them about his love for the nation and talked about his encounters during his prideful service with the Indian National Army.


The volunteers from Mumbai Chapter paid respect to the mother of Late Caption Vinayak More. She interacted with the volunteers and spoke very passionately of her son and his aspirations towards the nation until he was martyred. She also provided a glimpse of the life of soldiers who fight selflessly at the borders for the country and survive under extreme weather conditions and pressure. They ended the activity by giving a thank you note to her.


The chapter volunteers at Ahmedabad proudly did two activities under GYSD. In the first activity which happened on the 25th of April, a group of volunteers visited three ex-army men which included Ex Sub. Maj. Rajinder Prasad Joshi, Ex. Sub. Maj. Babulal and Sub. Maj. Ramji Lal along with their families. The volunteers spent time with them and got to know more about the challenges that the army men and their families face during their term of service. The second activity was done on the 27thof April, where the volunteers met with the family members of Late Hon/Capt. A. P. Tripathi and learned about his achievements during his term of service. The family also appreciated the support that the army gives to the families even after retirement or demise of the army man. The interactions and activities made the volunteers made proud of our brave army that works tirelessly to keep the country safe.


The volunteers of Gandhinagar chapter prepared a creative video for wishing, honouring and giving tribute to the army soldiers. To add to the spirit of patriotism, they were dressed up in orange, white and green colors. The video was recorded and shown to the retired army officers at Gandhinagar on 5th May 2019, when the volunteers felicitated Mr. Nilesh Gandhi (Retired Wing Commander, Air Force) and Mr. Sandipsinh Zala (Major, Indian Army). After introducing the dignitaries to AFS India and the activities that the chapter does under the flagship of the organization, they paid respect to the Indian Army Soldiers by filming that impactful video which was recorded by the volunteers. The volunteers presented them with creative bouquets & handmade cards and ended the ceremony by singing the National Anthem along with giving a vote of thanks to everyone.


600 students and 13 volunteers from Sunbeam School, Larhartara celebrated the GYSD week in their school from 27th April to 3rd May 2019 where they wrote letters to the veterans and their families. They organized various talks which gave the students more chances to interact with the veterans. During this week, they also called Lt. Colonel Vikas Chauhan who is posted at 97 U.P. Batallion and has 23 years of service experience. He narrated a lot of stories about the brave soldiers of our nation. They also had a special Assembly where they called the kids from army background to share their experiences. Moreover, they shared the letters written by children to the Veteran families through District Soldier Board.


On the 12th April, the volunteers at Indore Chapter went to the BSF Campus to honor the heroes of our country. The students of St.Raphael School prepared a welcome song and skit with a message, which was highly appreciated by the guests present during the session. The students also had an interactive session with the officers and wrote thank you cards to them. As a token of love, they also took saplings, sweets, snacks and home-baked cakes for the soldiers. The volunteers were very well appreciated by the officers. Being impressed by the initiative, one of the commanding officers expressed his interest in joining AFS India as a volunteer after his retirement.


The volunteers at the Bangalore chapter hosted an interactive evening for eminent heroes who included Air Marshal Philip Rajkumar and Mrs. Sheila Rajkumar, Rear Admiral Alan O’Leary, Brigadier Jagadish Kushalappa and Mrs. Neeraj Kushalappa, Colonel Navaz Shariff and Mrs. Navaz Shariff, Colonel Satyanarayan and Mrs. Hema Satyanarayan and Commander David Isaacs and Mrs. Beulah Isaacs. The meeting focused more on honoring the heroes by listening to the success stories and achievements along with felicitating them with the awards and a vote of thanks as a token of respect.


On the 2nd April 2019, 7 Volunteers from Chennai Chapter went to Anita Methodist School to give a presentation about GYSD and made students connect with the soldiers who are serving the country. They encouraged the students of class 8th to write letters to the soldiers and send them to the army camps. They also invited a retired army officer, Lt Col. S A V N Rajah as the chief guest of the program, who had served the country for the past 30 years. The students got inspired after listening to his experience and had an interactive session with him. As a token of love towards him, the students planted a sapling in the school campus after his name.


Volunteers from Nashik Chapter held a felicitation ceremony for some veterans including their family members. They had a gathering of eminent heroes like Nayak Deep Chand Singhji, Army officer Deepak Wagh, retired army men M.K. Dabhade and Veerpatni Rekha Khairnaar who were very warmly honored and received by the chapter volunteers. They also got an opportunity to listen to the experiences of these brave hearts. After being highly obliged by the treatment of the volunteers, Honorable Nayak Deepchand Singh ji who lost his two legs and right hand on duty quoted “this honor is just not for the four of us, but for the entire Indian army”. He also congratulated AFS India as an organization for doing such superb things. VEERPATNI Rekha Eknath Khairnaar who lost her husband in war narrated the struggles of being in an army family and expressed that this honour reminds her to be proud of her husband and the deeds that he did for the nation. Not only were the volunteers super silent after listening to the experiences of the guests, but they also realized that life is more than those stupid complains that we keep on doing on a regular basis. Along with expressing their feelings towards the heroes through singing and dancing performances, they also greeted the guests with letters, cards, flowers and had dinner with them in the evening.


Vadodara chapter did three activities under GYSD on different dates. On 4th April 2019, the volunteers at the Baroda chapter organized meeting with Junior Warrant Officer Hasmukh Patel and Sergeant Jay Joshi who shared their stories and on-field experience with all of them. There were 14 volunteers in this activity and they had an interactive evening with the officers. Also, on 7th April, the volunteers paid a visit to two martyrs families and spent good time with them. As a token of love, they also gifted a home kit to the families. The third activity was arranged on 26th April where they visited Mr. Lileshbhai Rathwa, in Lehvat village, who is a recipient of the Shaurya Chakra award. They interacted with him and congratulated him for his bravery and service towards the nation.