By Yafrin Ramana, AFS’19 Alumni From YPS, Patiala

“Sir Richard Burton rightly framed “The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.”

My marvellous journey started the minute I filled in forms for my Finland Exchange Program organized by AFS. It almost feels as if it was just yesterday when I was on my own on a plane.

I had the greatest host family all my clouds of doubt and nervousness cleared the minute they walked in and gave me a warm hug. They treated me like I was their own family member, taught me a dozen of things like fishing, swimming in the lake, sauna and many more. I cannot forget the time when I saw the baby chicken taking its first step, it was so adorable.

The days just swept by the like wind and I had to leave. We gave each other hugs, holding back tears and said our goodbyes. The one month exchange in Finland was a chapter that I would do again. It was possible to travel to the countries nearby like Sweden and Ethiopia. Finland offers one of the safest and stable atmospheres with people hard-working and always ready to help.

The program was a milestone in my journey of knowing Finnish culture and people better.

I thank AFS, our Director and Mrs. Malik for presenting the students with such an opportunity to help them professionally and build relations personally”.