By Julieta Kachizky, Argentina, Hosted in Suchitra Academy, Hyderabad

“In my first week in India in September 2019, I was invited to a wedding. I wore an Anarkali dress that Sujana and Rashmee (Teachers in Suchitra School) helped me to find and match with meenakari earrings. It was a lovely evening, very nice for letting me be part of such nice celebration. Also, in my first week at school, I have been able to walk around the wonderful campus and speak with the students, they came to me asking a lot: regarding about our food, our culture, our music, they want to learn how to speak Spanish. It is heartwarming to see all the kids coming to you, saying Ma’am and namaste in the most respectful way. These are my first days in India, and I am already in love with it.

On Friday 20th September 2019, we went with Anne (Suchitra School Teacher) and her daughter Tamara to Secunderabad Club for a music program where the band ‘Best Kept Secret’ from Bangalore performed. We enjoyed the lovely evening, eating pani puris and listening to the boys playing tribute to bands such as Coldplay and The Police. By the time we were leaving the club one little girl came running saying “hola” it was a really heartwarming moment, she is a Suchitran from KG, when I was speaking with her mother she told me by the time the little one arrived from the school she was saying “hola” and telling her family about her Argentinean teacher.”