6 volunteers from Anand, Delhi & Chennai were selected for the Regional Volunteer Exchange Program to Nashik. The program was very successful. Nashik chapter has gone an extra mile in giving the volunteers a great Regional Exchange experience. We extend our heartfelt thanks to volunteers and the host families of Nashik Chapter for such a wonderful exchange. The rich cultural vibes were spread during the ‘Ganpati Festival’ while they stayed.


The most heart touching thing and a learning from this was the bonding between families as well as between family members. Everyday conversation with my host family took me to many new doors which I had never thought of. Before going there I had a totally opposite thinking about their culture. On my return I can surely tell that I have my own 10 families in Nashik. The exchange was only for a week but memories would be for lifetime and bonding with the host families are forever. Lastly, the exchange was full of joy, learning and memories.

– By Pranav Mistry, Volunteer From Anand Chapter

I am impressed by how Nashik people accept their culture proudly even in public places. She learnt how one can embrace dissimilarities and be open enough to accept them easily.

– By Vinod Choudhary, Volunteer From Delhi Chapter

They have arranged the theme of traditional dress and all the volunteers were in traditional dresses. We were welcomed with Roses, coconut, and shawl. They have even arranged Nashik Dhol players so that we can dance and enjoy to the fullest.

– By Deep Patel, Volunteer From Anand Chapter

By living with the people of Nashik and their warm behaviour towards us taught me how to be kind to others without asking anything in return. I learned the sense of hospitality, the kind of behaviour required to connect people. I can say that I’ve fulfilled the motto of AFS that says “AFS is helping us to develop skill and understanding which is necessary to make the world more peaceful.

– By Mohd Shadan, Volunteer From Delhi Chapter

Exchange programs have always impacted me. There is always an unexpected and great learning that comes from an exchange. The journey with the host family will remain forever in our hearts. They made me understand the value of their culture and traditions. Sharing my culture with them was amazing. Ganesh Chaturthi celebration was fun, learning and amazing experience. From trying Misal Pav to making modaks and understanding the importance of the festival, it was a great experience.

– By Urja Patel, Volunteer From Anand Chapter