By Madhusudan Rao, President, Bangalore Chapter

Yet another milestone in your journey with AFS, said my mother when I told her about my selection for the prestigious AFS PEACE program as a trainer for the final camp. It was an opportunity to share my knowledge, evolve as a learner and a trainer at International level. The Peace program organized and coordinated by AAI, EFIL and AFS Malaysia is a very intense and meaningful opportunity for the European participants to get hosted in Asian countries, get involved in Community service projects, and understand the global issues, importance of change-making and peace in the world.

At its Final camp I, along with three more trainers who were from Malaysia and Indonesia trained about 19 participants in various aspects of World Peace. The sessions involved the components of Active Global Citizenship education, Change making and its related aspects apart from sharing their intrinsic experiences of peace program. What was more evocative for me was the interaction that I had with the participants during my sessions. It was great to see young minds being so sensitive about global issues and discussing the ways to solve them. I was extremely happy to provide them with several tools and skills that are necessary in order to be the change-makers in today’s dynamic world. I got to learn a lot from my co-trainers and develop my knowledge as a trainer. The Final camp also involved one-day sightseeing in beautiful Kuala Lumpur which was fun.”