Grow your global competence and become a future leader by spending an exciting semester studying abroad in Japan! Whether you live with a host family or in a dorm, you will attend a Japanese high school and make friends with your Japanese peers. All this will help you improve your Japanese language skills, your academic prospects, and your intercultural fluency.

The Asia Kakehashi Scholarship is the initiative announced by the Japanese Government back in 2017 to strengthen relations between Japan and the rest of Asia. The Program aims to heighten potential interest in Japan by promoting Bridge Building between high school students of Japan and Asia. This government-sponsored program is focused on facilitating intercultural exchange and understanding between teenagers of Japan and other Asian Countries.

AFS Japan manages all aspects of the program, including identifying volunteer host families and dorms for student placement, providing intercultural training and supporting students as they adjust to living in a new country. Students are selected based on academic achievement, financial need, interest in Japanese language and culture, as well as potential to be future leaders of positive change in their own communities.

  1. Become a leader of tomorrow

  2. Experience Japanese culture

  3. Build your academic prospects

  4. Improve your Japanese language skills

For the 2024 Asia Kakehashi Project+. AFS is identifying and selecting scholarship recipients from 27 Countries.

Applicants to the Asia Kakehashi Project+ in 2024 must meet the following criteria:

  • Between 15 and 18 years of age, born after April 2, 2006 and before April 1, 2009
  • Legal Citizen of one of the countries. (India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives & Pakistan)
  • Obtained minimum of 60% marks in principle in all subjects in the latest examination at school and overall minimum average of 60% marks in all subjects for the past two years
  • Learners of Japanese
  • Demonstrate strong potential of leadership to act as a bridge between the home country and Japan during and after the program.
  • Should not  have participated in the ASIA KAKEHASHI program before
  • Priority will be given to students of families with low incomes
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Program Dates: August 2024 to December 2024

(The duration of the program is subjected to change.)

Talented young people from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply!

Application is now closed!!!

Click Here – For the Applicants from India

Click Here – For the Applicants from Bhutan, Nepal & Maldives

*Note: Please note that it would be mandatory to fill this form in case you wish to apply or go to the next step for participation in the program

extra curricular


Why Japan?

Tea ceremonies, graceful gardens and tranquil temples along with high-speed trains, striking efficiency and hyper-modern skyscrapers are essential to the dynamic Japanese culture. Social life for teens in Japan mostly happens at school and in extracurricular clubs for sports (baseball, soccer, basketball, judo, kendo or Japanese fencing, karate or track) and culture (English, broadcasting, calligraphy, tea ceremony, drama, orchestra, cooking, science and math). Japanese teens also enjoy  the culture of kawaii (everything cute and lovable), J-Pop (Japanese Pop music), manga and animeKaraoke (singing) with friends is also very popular. Staying out late at night is not very common for teens.

Frequently asked questions

AFS Japan has been appointed by the national Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to run the Asia Kakehashi project, to facilitate intercultural exchange and understanding between teenagers in Japan and 27 countries. This government-sponsored program provides full scholarships for Asian high school students to study in Japan’s public high schools. Together with thousands of their Japanese peers, these students will develop greater global competence and understanding of each other’s countries.

Contact Details

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For more details related to the program, please reach out to:

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