AFS India started Interstate Regional Exchange Program to give regional cultural learning to the students of schools within India. The program facilitates exchanges between different schools, giving them an opportunity to learn about different cultures, languages, lifestyles that exist in the country by engaging the students into various extracurricular activities and other learning process such as art, craft, music, dance, calligraphy etc.

Interstate Regional Class Exchange Program between Amity International School, Gurgaon and Chettinad Public School, Karaikudi.

From Left: Welcoming, Student Group

“AIS-46 students had the privilege of going to Tamil Nadu on a weeklong trip as a part of AFS regional exchange programme. We had a great opportunity of visiting various ancient and prominent temples such as the Bhrideshwara , a UNESCO World Heritage Site  and Raja Rajeshwara temples. The architecture of the temple was splendid. We went ahead with our trip to Thanjavur Museum where we saw many original and old artifacts such as coins of many countries, armors of warriors etc. We also visited the Pillaiyar Patti temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha where we were able to attend a pooja ceremony. On the last three remaining days of our trip we went trekking the steep slopes of a Buddha era cave and saw ancient and rare paintings inside the cave. It was an unforgettable experience. We were fortunate enough to visit Meenakshi temple. We also saw glass tile making in Chettinad, using traditional techniques. On the whole our trip was a great learning experience as we got to view the multifaceted culture of our great nation. Our stay was made even more special with the hospitality bestowed on us by our hosts and the care taken by our accompanying teacher, Mrs Ranjana Sharma.”