With the group


AFS-AAI Leadership Development Training was facilitated by Lucas Welter from AFS International. The training took place in Delhi from 22nd to 24th April, 2017. Prior to the program, each participant had to attend a preparatory online course which became the base for the training.

The leadership training focused on creating leaders to address the challenges faced among volunteers while taking the leadership roles during their time with AFS. During the program, various approaches to local leadership was discussed with creation of solid and sustainable framework to develop leaders at the local level while working towards other areas of the organization such as volunteer retention, participant support and host family satisfaction.

From Left: Lucas conducting session, Participants during discussion

Various sessions took place during the training such as Incomplete Leader with the focus on who am I as a leader; Communication skills, Visioning of future, Sensemaking with focus on analyzing current situation, Innovations and many more.

We’re thankful to Lucas for taking out time and conducting the training. Special thanks to all the volunteers from Partners to being in India to be part of this training. The program was well-appreciated by the participants.