This year for Global Youth Service Day, the new theme was Ecology: Caring For the Planet, where volunteers were asked to strategize plans to work towards saving the planet. 

AFS Varanasi Chapter celebrated Global Youth Service day 2017 with a great enthusiasm and zeal. Gulab Bagh park & Kabir Matth were spotted for the project. Park was very dirty and so was the Kabir Matth. 45 students, teachers and chapter volunteers went   Gulab Bagh. They cleaned the area, the grasses were in bad shape and it was difficult for children to play and utilize the park. Thus, grass cutter helped to shape up the ground. Dustbins were full of contaminated water and the area was full of garbage. Thus, the things were all cleaned properly and volunteers took charge to visit the place often to check the maintenance. The next day, the brigade went to Kabir Matth, one of the heritage place in Varanasi. Pond was cleaned. 5 Dustbins were placed to avoid unwanted garbage in the garden.