Editorial by National Director, Divya Arora

How? Think outside your “mental box”! Simple.

What does this mean – thinking with different approach. Thinking something new, finding solution to problem that is unique and would have not come to our mind naturally.

We all can do it – it is not difficult at all. If we can think outside our “mental box” we may get better ideas to be happy, successful and reduce our stress, which we all want.

Let us think of some ideas:

Remember not to “say” to get even! It may feel good for a while but in the process you make an enemy. For happiness, you need more and more friends. In case you are in angry situation walk away. You have received a horrible mail – walk away. You do not have to reply to the person. After some time when you come back you would realise that it no big deal and you can deal with it. Do it couple of times and you would see the results.

Do one thing at a time. You will do it well and it will be rewarding in the long run. A juggler playing with balls focuses on one ball at a time. If he thinks of many others in the air, he will drop the one! Every morning when I come to office I make a list of all the things I need to accomplish. Once task is completed I put a big tick mark on them which makes me feel happy and motivated. Result: most of the evenings all my assignments are done, and I go home happy.

Accept some level of ‘dust’ in life! It means to accept the unacceptable some times. Every job you do cannot be 100% good. Don’t make the best the enemy of better and accept second best as well!  Sometimes the best is not acceptable. Do not worry about it. If you feel that you have given your best then accept it and move ahead.

Learn to say “no” and accept “no”. This way you will avoid many stresses and headaches. You can’t do “very well” everything every time. Do your best and leave the rest. If you are happy with the hard work that has gone in the project then it is good and accept it.

Give and take and give. This way you will make more friends. Go out of the way to do jobs for others to make “credit balance” in your account. Helping a friend in need is always rewarding. You will feel good and happy. My father every morning would every day ask all of us individually how he can help us. He was always there for us which made us feel special and protected.

Make forgiveness your permanent attitude, a habit. Forgive and forget. It pays in the long run. Have an attitude – let it go. There is no fun in taking revenge or keeping negative thoughts in mind. It would only harm us both mentally and physically. Not worth it.

Well, think of similar ideas and try to implement same.

If we can think outside our “mental box” we may get better ideas to be happy, successful and reduce our stress

Excerpts from the book by Mr. Promod Batra