By Ana Marcela Taracena, From Guatemala

Hi, I’m Ana Marcela Taracena and I’m from the country of Guatemala which is in Central America. I came to the Kshitija Centre of Yog and Ayurveda in Pune, India to study an intensive Yog Teacher training program and I came to know about it through AFS Organization.

My first session started at 7 am. My day included 3 hrs. of yoga practical sessions, 2hrs of assistance in class and 2 hrs of yoga theory sessions.

Four teachers were in charge of me, Dr. Kshitija Ma’am who taught philosophy class, Indrayani Ma’am anatomy class, Christine Ma’am how to conduct the class and Gita Ma’am practical class.

I learned the authentic traditional way of Yog practice and also Ayurved.

(Photo Above: Practicing Yoga)

I really enjoyed these experiences, because it helped me to grow as a person, to be in balance, make friends, know another culture, and to gain confidence to conduct yoga classes in Gautemala. Everything was perfect and for those who are interested in Yog I encourage you to come to this Centre.”