By Nihar Mehta, Hosted in Oregon

“It has been a very great experience till now I learnt a lot of new things in America. I learnt the basics of camping and how to make a tent also I learnt how to catch cockles and crabs. I learnt the famous American dance Virginia reel and about its history. We went to state fare parade where I learnt about our state Oregon and also about very fascinating arts such as quilts, robots, metal art, wood art, and much more. I have completed 20 hours of my volunteer service. I volunteered in several places and learned how to serve people politely and respect everybody. And I started a volunteer group in which we all together gave out some leaflets and pamphlet about the harmful effects of the solar eclipse without sunglasses and to spread awareness that small children should not see the eclipse at all as the children may fidget or try to remove the glasses and doing so can be very harmful for them. We did this volunteer activity at the state parade and it went all well. Also I gave a presentation about Gujarat by showing them the traditional dance in my traditional costume and also made some Indian food for them and also taught them Garba and Bollywood dance. My school is yet to start so I hope everything goes well.”