By Sweta Parmar, AFS Delhi Chapter Volunteer

(Photo Above: With new friends in Prague)

“I am Sweta Parmar a volunteer of AFS from Delhi Chapter. I recently got an opportunity to host another international AFS member from Czech Republic named Kristina, she stayed at my place for just few days but it was a great time spent moreover we had a conversation about Mother Exchange and how it would be effect full in interchanging of cultures and sharing different motherhood.

To my surprise after few months she invited me for a meeting in Prague to discuss and put forward our idea of mother exchange and when I went to Prague we presented our topic in form of a presentation and in front of three other members of AFS – Stana, Petra and Edita and finally our idea of mother exchange was accepted also called Eva Exchange. Its approval was a great achievement. Hosting in India for this program would be between 27th November to 17th December 2017 and sending from India to Czech Republic would be around May/June 2018 – I believe this initiative helped AFS to take a step ahead towards global connectivity and unity.”