By Nihar Mehta, Hosted in USA

“This month was a very special one as we had Diwali and also Halloween. I thought of doing something for Diwali to show them our Indian culture so I decorated my host family’s house with candles, Toran, Rangoli and door hangings. Then we had Indian food and after that I told them the story about why we celebrate Diwali and how do we celebrate it.  I taught them some Bollywood dance moves.  We also watched a Bollywood movie. They had fun and so did I.

After few days we had Halloween and my family had a Halloween party where we dressed up and they told me the story behind Halloween, I helped them out with the decorations and I made Bhajiya, an Indian appetizer for the potluck. It was really a great month where I learnt about American culture and my host family learnt about Indian culture. I was happy to have this opportunity to experience their culture.”