By Debra Adriana Soplantila, From Indonesia, Hosted in Bangalore 

“I got to experience Bangalore for 7 days. It was a big opportunity which was challenging since it was my 1st time being there.

Photo: With volunteers from Bangalore

The people are so nice. I’m so grateful that I could meet new people, have a new family there and getting new experience.

I visited schools, shared about my country and the cultures, got lots of information about education in India (which is really helpful for me as an English instructor), learned many things as a volunteer which is good for our chapter.

I have never imagined before about getting a new family from another country, but AFS makes it happen and I’m so thankful for that. I hope I can improve what I’ve got from there as a volunteer as it may help the new generation to explore the world through AFS programs. And for volunteers, I hope that I could get opportunities to visit other countries too.

I would like to thank AFS and Bina Antarbudaya for the big opportunity. Also, Thank you to chapter, Ambon, for supporting me.”