We celebrated the typical maharashtrian rally called ‘Swagat Miravnuk’ of Lisa and Chiara .Chiara and Lisa rode on camel and horse. Wearing ‘Maharashtrian Feta’ both were enjoying the rally. It was as beautiful as a wedding ceremony.

All the lady volunteers gave both host students blessings one by one with ‘Aukshan’ (pujan). Lisa and Chiara were requested to come on stage for cake ceremony, it was a surprise for both the students.

Farewell Cake Cutting

Nashik Chapter presented a beautiful slideshow which reminded everyone of the magical moments with both of the lovely host students. All the memories of Lisa and Chiara during their stay in India were captured in some beautiful photographs. There was pin drop silence for a while after the presentation but we had 14 performances lined up to break the silence. The retro theme rocked for us. The last performance was of Lisa and Chiara. They did a super duper retro dance and all volunteers followed them as per their act. That was really an awesome performance.

Bidding goodbyes

Chiara and Lisa were thanked for coming to India and for being Indian daughters , for  their love , and all the emotions which can never be expressed in words. We also thanked them for giving us so many proud and beautiful moments. We all were again in tears when Yogita shinde , the host mom hugged both the students and burst into tears . It was difficult moment to say goodbye…