By Elena De Novellis from Italy hosted in RKK, Jodhpur

This morning, an army officer read my hand and said, “Everything that happens in your life without planning, it is because of destiny. Look, did you plan to come here in India for one year?”  Now I believe in it, I’m here because of destiny!

One year back when I placed India on the top of the list of the countries, I was not at all imagining that this year could be as good as it is. Thanks especially to this boarding and amazing people that I have around me.

Here in Jodhpur, Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls’ Public School, I have found my second family.

Everyone since the first minute that I was here, behaved very nice and kindly with me and fortunately they never changed. I have learnt the main secret of life from this institution. “ENJOY each and EVERYTHING”. I have learnt to be happy for the little things that happen in my life like ; to spend some time with my host family, go to the temple every Sunday and this has become an amazing time for me that I never skip.

Celebrating Festival

There is one episode that I will never forget which represents the spirit of India. One day during rainy season in the afternoon I was sleeping in the boarding and Hardikee, one of my soul sisters, came to me shouting, “Elena wake up’, it’s raining!” I was very tired and because the rain for me is something very normal that I don’t give any importance to it, I said to her ‘let me sleep’. But she came to me and forcibly woke me up. I remember those moments now when I did the most crazy and amazing things in my life. I danced and danced and enjoyed the rain like never before. That made my heart full of joy like anything else before. These small happy moments have become huge mesmerizing memories.

I am proud to say that I couldn’t have chosen more better country and culture to have this type of experience, I felt it from the first festival, Raksha Badhan where the love for your brother and family is visible. Diwali has fascinated me the most. Diwali I feel is the best festival because all the family members from different parts of India are together doing the things that I love the most in India – The PUJA. I want to live and enjoy my life to its fullest here in India. The day of returning from Jodhpur is approaching near.  I am feeling half Italian and half Indian. I am not only Elena de Novellis from Italy from now on. I am an Indian too. If you don’t believe this, try to understand why I dyed my hair into black from Blonde! I am one of the Indians inside and outside.

I love my teachers, the volunteers, my chapter head, my family, my friends and all relations.