AFS India conducted the Re-Entry Orientation for AFS Year Program Students of NH 2017 batch from 13th July to 15th July’2018 in New Delhi. 

The objective of the orientation was to enable participants, who went to 12 different countries from India in 2017-18 cycle, reflect on their exchange journey and impact and sensitize them towards re-adaptation in the natural culture. 

Orientation Sessions covered AFS Educational Goals and their role towards contributing to achieving ‘global goals’ as an AFSer, dealing with Reverse Cultural Shock, weaving AFS experience in participants’ life, intercultural learning. 

The students also engaged in role-play scenarios to understand re-adjustment in the natural family, school and community life.  Later we had a Fun Quiz on AFS IND and Host Country followed by the Cultural Night. A vibrant melange of countries across Europe, America and Scandinavia were well represented by the students in the form of songs, language quiz (developed by the students) and dance. 

One the highlights of the current Year Orientation was “Exchange Times” – an activity to reflect on participant’s exchange year by way of drawings, writings or narrating stories. Like always, participants got to read Dear Me letters which they had written a year back during the departures. They were surprised and delighted to realize the changes and development in their personality and language skills. 

We are very proud to see our students progress and that they have successfully completed their exchange year. Our gratitude to the partners who have given their tremendous support to our students. We are now gearing up for the next cycle and are excited to send more students.  

Photo Below: Exchange Times