“The buttermilk distribution activity was done on 2 days. On 14th May, 2018, Mr. Rajmohan Modi, Chapter Volunteer sponsored the event. On 20th May 2018, Mr. Rasik Rokad, Chapter Volunteer sponsored the event.

Buttermilk Distribution by volunteers

On both the days, the students and volunteers distributed the disposable glasses filled with buttermilk to the people passing by. Looking at this activity, many Auto-Rickshaw drivers stopped at the spot. Some  Auto-Rickshaws carrying passengers also stopped by. Bikers and cyclists and walkers – all were served with chilled buttermilk.  AMTS Bus drivers & Conductors were also given Buttermilk glasses. Our team served to all with a pleasing smile on our faces. In this extremely hot burning weather, we could see the sign of relief on their faces after drinking the buttermilk.

The team directed the people to the dustbin to drop their waste glasses. Few people just threw it on the road, which was collected and put into the trash. At the end, the place was as clean as it was before.

People were surprised seeing the young team giving them chilled buttermilk, which is very useful in this HOT weather. The temperature that day was close to 45º C. Nearly 150 Glasses were offered to the people on the first day and 300 glasses on the 2nd day. The team received many blessings by the people. Even the deadly heat and hot wind could not stop the team from bringing smiles on the face of 100’s of people.”