By Sneha Patel, Volunteer from Gandhinagar Chapter

Doing Yoga

“On 21 June 2018 International Yoga Day was celebrated all over the world. The people of Gandhinagar also joined in enthusiastically to celebrate goodness of health to bring happiness in life. Around 11,500 people gathered at the Cine Vista Ground at GH4 in order to perform various yoga exercises and meditation. Students from MB Patel English Medium Secondary And Higher Secondary School, one of the major schools associated with AFS since 2008 also participated in this magnanimous program. Eleven volunteers from Gandhinagar Chapter also represented AFS India at this occasion.  Being conscious about health and pursuits of happiness are the primary concerns in this life. Indian heritage of yoga and meditation has very successfully connected people all around the world irrespective of the culture, religion or nationality that one belongs to.”