By Priti Gohel, Volunteer from Vadodara Chapter

“World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year, and is the United Nation’s principal vehicle for spreading awareness and encouraging action for the protection of our environment.

At the parade

This year’s World Environment Day mission was “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Pritee Mistry & I (wearing AFS T-shirt) enthusiastically participated in the parade organized by “Vadodara Municipality Sewa Sadan” that started at 6.00 pm from Sayaji Garden and ended after covering the distance of 3 kms conveying the message that “Plastic has become an epidemic – If you can’t Reuse it, Refuse it”. 

We felt proud to associate AFS Intercultural Programs India with the VMSS (courtesy Dr. Mangesh Jaiswal) who promoted AFS to participate in the parade and spread the message to save planet earth from plastic pollution. For implementation of the message, Pritee Mistry & I took the pledge to refuse plastic and save our mother earth – as charity begins from home”