A group of committed AFS volunteers who call themselves Environmental Advocates are part of a Project titled as Reduce, Reuse and Recycle where they are educating people about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling plastic in community, school etc. Currently they are aiming towards reaching out to School for maximized impact after creating awareness amongst friends and families.   

“Being part of Reduce, Recycle, Reuse plastic project has made me realize that it’s possible to beat plastic pollution only through conscious efforts by individuals. Making sure that plastic doesn’t reach the outer surrounding and reusing it as long as we can is probably the best way to start with. Taking initiative at the individual level is very important in order to bring a change in society. Choosing a few simple tasks and making an effort to follow them consciously has made me explore the significance of the same. In RRR project, with the motto of beating plastic pollution, I chose simple tasks such as always carrying a water bottle while going out, using plastic bottles to plant saplings or store cooking ingredients, avoid using straws and buying plastic files and folders etc. Requesting friends to adopt some of these activities in their daily life has also been found to be fruitful. It’s so good to be a responsible environmental advocate. Through this Project, I want to continue spreading awareness about the harmful effects of plastic.”

– By Madhusudan Rao, AFS India Alumni, Volunteer, AFS India Bangalore Chapter 

“Being part of this project had made me realize that since past so many years how adversely we have been consuming plastic and how badly it’s impacting our surroundings. It is well said that charity begins at home, if we need to change something, we have to start as an individual only. Implementing the same we’ve started taking up simple tasks like  saying no to chewing gums, taking your own bag everywhere,recycling and reusing plastic bottles and containers in an artistic way and so on. These activities have helped me realize that it’s not easy to implement in a broader way but it can be done for sure if we keep our efforts going on continuously.  As Mahatma Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, so in this project too, we all started implementing it on an individual level, then took it to the society level and then later we’ll plan to go on the larger scale. Taking these small steps will definitely help us to achieve the sustainable environment and help Mother Earth in beating the plastic pollution.”

– By Keval Rathod, Volunteer, AFS India Ahmedabad Chapter

“The project has made not just me, but others in my circle, change their lifestyle to eco-friendly living”

– By Vasudha Tavag, Volunteer, AFS India Bangalore Chapter