Ema, an Educator from Slovakia is hosted in Tulip International School, Delhi for 3 months and teaching English to Primary grades.

“My Indian exchange has begun about a month ago and I feel like a different person already. Working as a teacher in such a different culture was for me, and still is, a huge challenge and the great adventure. However, seeing my little schoolchildren makes me braver and more motivated every day – I want to teach them. The first few days weren´t easy, I was new, I was different, and I was getting a lot of attention. Now, I can almost feel like I belong here. I slowly got used to the weather and people, food and traffic, school and my new home.

I´m learning about the culture in the best possible way. I´m interested in language and writing. I like dances and music. I read a book about the history and religion. I´m truly happy here. So far, I have been to family functions, and some Hindu festivals and have visited Vrindavan, the ancient and holy place for Hindu religion. All of these experiences are interesting for me and influence me and my future, even though I don’t realize it many times. India is for me a kind of wonder you must see by your own eyes. And I still believe in it, every day I just walk around with my eyes wide open and feel the atmosphere here. I love it. It’s so different, with lots of pros and cons, but beautiful. I’m really thankful for the opportunity to meet new people, better my teaching skills, get to know a different culture, learn about new places, wear the new clothes, taste a lot spicier but amazing food and much more things you get to know while being on exchange program”